About 85% of blackmailing victims aged between 16-30


Saudi Gazette report

— About 85 percent of the victims of blackmailing are young men and women who are aged between 61-30 years, Makkah daily reported on Tuesday quoting figures released by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia).

The Haia said about 58 percent of the victims are married women and that about 57 percent of the methods of blackmailing are the social media tools.

It said the blackmailers are in the age group of 21-30 years and that about 71 percent of their demands were sexual while the financial angle stood at 14 percent.

Spokesman of the Haia, Turki Al-Shilail, said there were 1,300 information reports about blackmailing cases in 2017 and added that the commission last year received as many as 7,484 reports from people who were attacked on their persons on the social media.

He quoted the Haia chairman, Abdul Rahman Al-Sanad, to be saying in a booklet which was recently published that the majority of the victims of the blackmailing were women.

Sanad said though the majority of the blackmailing cases were carried out by men against women but there were also cases which were by men against men or women against women. "Sometimes the blackmailer is a woman and the victim is man," he added.

He said the blackmailing involves four crimes which were aggression against money, family, personality or defamation on the social media.

According to the spokesman, there were 390 blackmailing reports which came from Makkah, 366 from Riyadh and 206 from the Eastern Province.