We need new ideas to end unemployment


Makkah newspaper

IT is quite natural that you submit applications to realize your dream of landing a suitable job after obtaining a university degree. But it is strange that you sent an application to get a job in one of the institutions and then sit at home, waiting for that institution to contact you.

In the meantime, you waste your time and energy on social media networks, complaining, crying and begging for emotional support from others. This will extend your jobless period and you will blame expatriate workers, nepotism or corruption for your woes.

I welcome the attitude of young men and women who do not consider graduation as a waiting station. On the other hand, they work hard to develop their personality and obtain additional qualifications that make them shine in competitions and interviews.

We can see those who have come out of universities with creative ideas starting their small projects. I call it creative ideas because it is frustrating to see five young men opening teashops in a stretch of 2 km. Some others rent cars to run taxis and pay fines for violating traffic rules. These people believe that there are no other jobs left for them under the sun.

Graduates of technical colleges can open electronics maintenance workshops or workshops for cars, furniture or household appliances. Arabic language graduates can open an office for copy writing and editing. Graduates of languages can run translation offices.

Computer graduates, on the other hand, can open offices for maintenance and programming. I am not talking about projects that would need huge investment but projects that can be launched with small investments that can be put together by two or five graduates.

These are examples of simple ideas that came to my mind, but I may be wrong. Our young men and women should not surrender to unemployment citing different excuses and should not give in to stereotypical ideas that will not work. These negative thoughts and attitudes will make them more frustrated and would not change their reality.

We become happy when a young man or a family succeeds in changing their reality for better. We feel greater happiness when they come up with creative ideas and exchange their experience to influence others. If we study the reality of many of big multinational companies, we can find that all of them started with a small idea that sprouted in the mind of an individual.

That idea was then implemented in the form of a small project. In beginning people often do not believe in your virtual thoughts and ideas and you have to struggle, sacrifice and make continuous efforts. Success remains a relative issue governed by many factors.

Think about the football match and the continuous endeavors being made by each team to reach the goal of the rival team. If we calculate the number of attacks we can understand that most of them failed because of resistance players of the other team. At the same time, continuous efforts by an enthusiastic team enable it to score a few goals and emerge successful.