Unhygienic restaurants terrify residents of Makkah suburb


Saudi Gazette report

MAKKAH — People of Al-Juranah, a suburban area of Makkah, are demanding that the authorities intensify inspections on restaurants and stores, many of which are lacking in hygiene and many other basic requirements.

The people are terrified by the low level of cleanliness especially in restaurants as that would end up spreading diseases. They emphasized the need to punish the violators as this would deter other from committing similar violations that would result in food poisoning, Al-Madina newspaper reported.

“In fact, there are restaurants and grocery stores in the middle of Al-Juranah that lack cleanliness. Workers prepare meals in a dirty and unsuitable environment. The municipality of Al-Sharaye has made many efforts to stop these violations, but shocking the citizens the situation persists in the absence of deterrent punishments,” said Mayor of Al-Juranah Yehya Al-Hilali.

Some have suggested intensifying inspections in the area to increase overall hygiene, including the cleanliness of workers, the kitchen and utensils. The inspectors must ensure that chicken, meat and other foodstuffs are stored properly by increasing the number of inspection teams, especially in the night shifts.

“We are disappointed by what is being served to us as some of the restaurants actually use expired food items for cooking,” said Abdulrahman Hamid.

The head of Al-Ju`ranah Center, Muhammad Al-Ghamdi, explained that the municipality of Al-Sharaye did not hesitate to apply the sanctions list on whoever violates the rules. “There has been a committee formed by the emir of the province to increase inspections on grocery stores, restaurants and everything that threatens the health of the people. The committee prepares weekly reports on the places being inspected,” he said.

“Inspectors observed a number of violations in various areas of Al-Juranah. As a matter of fact, the campaign seized 47 items including gas cylinders, pots, and home kits. In a recent raid, 100 kilograms of meat and 30 kilograms of vegetables were seized and disposed of,” said Director of Administrative Services at Al-Sharaye Municipality Abdullah Qasadi.