LG’s DUAL Inverter delivers exceptional energy


ENERGY efficient air conditioners are becoming more and more common across the globe, driven by rising electricity costs and eco-friendly consumers.

According to the statistics, 60% of monthly electricity bill in summer is the AC consumption and rest is other electrical equipment. Hence the LG DUAL Inverter is the key solution in decreasing the monthly electricity bill up to 53%

DUAL inverter has been tested to give good performance even when the harsh climate in Saudi Arabia reached up to 60 degree C, the compressor is able to perform up to 65 degree C outside temperature. This is a major breakthrough in HVAC because most of the non-inverter and inverter technology ACs failed to perform at the temperature above 55 degree C and consumed huge amounts of electricity giving a massive dent to monthly expenses.

In recognition to Kingdom’s 2030 vision, LG is committed to provide green and energy saving solutions to the people of Saudi Arabia.

Ever since LG entered the Saudi market, the company has worked hard to meet the needs of local consumers with its cutting-edge products and excellent technologies. In 2011, LG launched the Econo Inverter, the first ever inverter air conditioner in the Saudi market. Equipped with LG’s cutting-edge inverter technology, the Econo Inverter reduced energy consumption and slashed users’ energy bills. After the success of the Econo Inverter, LG launched its durable Titan Tropical Inverter air conditioner in 2013. By continuing to develop innovative products for the Saudi market, LG was able to maintain its positive reputation as one of the leading manufacturers in the local air conditioning industry.

LG’s innovative DUAL Inverter technology provides excellent cooling performance while saving up to 53 percent more electricity than non-inverter ACs. The DUAL Inverter allows the air conditioner to operate at variable speeds, meaning that it can be adjusted to suit indoor conditions and operate efficiently in any setting. Just like how an automatic car changes gears to match input from its driver, the inverter compressor’s ability to shift output depending on environmental conditions gives it incredible efficiency and versa

In addition to the 53% energy savings granted by DUAL Inverter Technology, the LG DUAL Inverter’s incredibly intelligent Smart Scan feature allows users to reduce energy intake by an additional 13 percent. By using these two technologies together, the LG DUAL Inverter helps users consume up to 53 percent less energy. Smart Scan uses LG’s Intelligent Sensor technology to monitor user activity and movement across a 104 degree arc at a distance of up to 5 meters. The Smart Sensor feeds this information to the AC, which then adjusts airflow and temperature output to suit conditions.

Keeping in mind all the latest technologies in Saudi Market, LG is keeping up with all the technological trends. LG DUAL Inverter is equipped with state of art Smart ThinQ feature. Now you are able to control all your LG home appliances through WiFi and one simple Smart ThinQ app. No matter where you are, you are able to monitor LG DUAL inverter’s performance, temperature and all the awesome features and guess what, you don’t have to be in the same WiFi network to access them, once linked, you can control them from any place you are whether your office or business or say even from another city or country. This has been saving a huge amount of useless electricity consumption in instances where people usually forgot to turn off the AC when they leave the house, now they are able to easily open the app and turn AC off from wherever they are.

With the increase in Air pollution and sandstorms, causing various diseases and allergies, LG took it seriously and updated the powerful Ionizer function, which releases ions to neutralize the bacteria and germs in the air, resulting in a healthy lifestyle for even the most delicate and young members of the family.

The 4-Way Swing feature evenly distributes the large volume of airflow generated by the DUAL Inverter, creating and maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the entire room.

“We understand the importance of reducing energy consumption for Saudi consumers, and we’ve designed our latest energy efficient air conditioners to drastically reduce energy intake,” said Seong-jin Jo, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. He continued, “In 2018, LG will continue focusing on developing innovative products with an emphasis on creating value for our consumers.” — SG