New Environment and Sustainable Development Program launched in Jeddah


Saudi Gazette

— Prince Mishal Bin Majed, governor of Jeddah, launched yesterday at the governorate office, the National Program for Environment and Sustainable Development Awareness.

He said, in the presence of government officials and media, that they aim to spread environment culture among members of the society and enhance the collaboration between public sector and NGOs to reach a sustainable environment.

The three year program will promote positive behavior and will aim to safeguard the land and sea environment and protect public places. On the long run the program will put forward new methods to insure sustainability and protect the environment in line with Vision 2030. The program targets Saudis, expatriates and visitors.

During the three year program, the environmentalists will address issues like climate change, recycling, pollution, wildlife, green building, environmental citizenship and will aim to reduce the use of energy and water. Special programs will be given to sports, women and kids.

The program will hold its activities at the Jeddah Waterfront, district centers, Historic Jeddah, government departments, universities, schools, hotels, banks, sports clubs, restaurants and companies.

The program will provide free training courses and rehabilitation programs. Special programs are devoted to youth to help them get job opportunities.