The necessity of security gates


Al-Madina newspaper

When traveling inside the Kingdom from one city to another, you cannot help but notice the crowded checkpoints. There will be one or two officers at the most checking vehicles. We cannot suspect the work that these officers are doing or the importance of their jobs. However, it is now high time that we introduced cameras instead of using people. Cameras can manage traffic and the speed of cars accurately.

Though these checkpoints are necessary, such as in Makkah to manage Haj and Umrah pilgrims, we could introduce an automatic fingerprint system that would enable people to move easily around in the Kingdom. This could be followed up with campaigns to deal with people who violate the Kingdom’s iqama system and those who break traffic laws.

In light of the Vision 2030 for Saudi Arabia, it is now necessary that we stopped using checkpoints, especially if we want to encourage domestic and international tourism. When traveling inside so many European countries, small boards on the side of the road with welcome massages mark the occasion of leaving and entering a new country.

We are proud of and acknowledge the efforts of our country and its brave security officers in maintaining the stability of the Kingdom, something that benefits our citizens and visitors. We also realize the challenges and risks around us from those who hate us and who wish to destabilize the Kingdom. We have the capability to defeat them and this is the obligation that is being fulfilled by our brave security men. We pray to God that He protects them, keeps them united and saves our government.