Funeral services application!


Al-Jazeera newspaper

EGYPTIAN Mohammed Sabri lost his grandmother and wanted a lot of people to attend her funeral and pray for her. He, therefore, used the traditional way of publicizing her death and that was to publish an advert in a newspaper. He then launched a free smartphone app a month ago that enables people to learn about deaths in their localities, regardless of whether they know them or not. The app also provides details of funeral prayers and is a great way for people to support each other at times of loss and grief.

What Sabri has created is humane and more importantly very rewarding. The app is even available in different languages. Deaths in Islamic and Arabic countries are announced in different ways. However, the funeral prayers are often the same. Some countries use newspapers and other media. Some mosques are often used for funeral prayers and many people visit them deliberately to participate in funerals. Families often opt for their funeral prayers in certain mosques. These mosques are also usually close to cemeteries.

This new app also allows people to participate in funerals. For those seeking reward, funerals prayers last a few minutes after compulsory prayers. While everyone today is busy with technology, Sabri has used it to develop an app to support others in difficult times. Its goal is to unify people and help them feel better. This app is surely of value when it becomes more and more popular among people.