Autistic boy abused at treatment center


Saudi Gazette report

AL-JOUF — A Saudi autistic boy was physically abused at a center in Jordan where he was being treated, Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Wednesday quoting the boy’s mother.

The Saudi Embassy in Amman received a complaint from the boy’s family saying their son Omar who was being treated at a center for autism in Jordan was physically abused during his stay there.

The boy’s mother said he was only eight years old and was admitted to the center three months ago.

“I received a WhatsApp message from the head of the center telling me to call him once I receive the text because my son had fell and got injured. The head of the center told me that he was taken to hospital and that he did not sustain any serious injuries and would be recovering quickly,” said the mother.

She said she flew with her husband to Amman and was shocked to see her son with bruises all over his face and body. She filed a complaint against the center with the Saudi Embassy.

Mohammad Al-Atiq, the deputy ambassador at the Saudi Embassy in Amman, confirmed that the family had filed a complaint. He said the case was currently with the Jordanian law enforcement authorities.

However, a Jordanian security source denied receiving any complaints of abuse against the autism treatment center.

Princess Samira Al-Faisal, chairman of the Autism Families Charity Organization, previously stated in a press release that the organization received three to five new cases of children with autism. Their families bring them to be diagnosed.