2.52%: Kingdom’s annual population growth rate


Saudi Gazette report

— Saudi Arabia’s population registered an annual growth rate of 2.52% last year, the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) announced on Monday.

GaStat conducted a set of population statistics surveys last year, last of which was the population characteristics survey conducted between April 14 and May 18, 2017, said GaStat spokesman Taiseer Almufarrij.

According to the population characteristics survey 2017, Saudi Arabia’s population is 32,552,336 compared to 31,742,308 in 2016, registering a growth rate of 2.52%.

Males account for 57.48% and females 42.52% in 2017. These percentages are similar to those of 2016 survey where males accounted for 57.44% and females 42.56%.

According to 2016 survey results, the number of Saudi population was estimated at 20,064,970 with an increase of 343.392 persons.

There were 50.95% Saudi males and 49.06% Saudi females in 2017. These percentages are similar to those of 2016 survey where Saudi males accounted for 50.96% and Saudi females 49.04%.

Almufarrij said the survey contained household data including marital status, educational status, demographic structure of Saudi and non-Saudi population on the level of Saudi administrative regions.

Through the survey, many indicators were extracted such as mortality rate, age and gender structure, and the rate of marriage and divorce.

GaStat has started preparations for 2020 census.

The data of this census includes the demographic, economic, and educational characteristics of population.