'Black Panther' is the first film to hit Saudi theaters


ON April 18, the Saudi public will witness the opening of the first movie theater in Riyadh, according to media sources.

The sources added that Marvel’s superhero sci- fi adventure drama "Black Panther" has been selected to be the first film to hit theaters in the Kingdom.

The movie was chosen for several reasons. The film has been leading at the box office in the United States and worldwide for weeks and has received vast critical acclaim.

The movie also became one of the most profitable at the global box office in cinema history, after its revenues touched more than $1.27 billion.

"Black Panther" will be exhibited in a theater that can accommodate 620 people at the King Abdullah Financial Center in Riyadh, and the American operator AMC has also scheduled a special event for the historic opening.

The tickets for the show will be priced at SR50 initially, according to officials of the American company. — Al-Arabiya English