‘Spot’ support for startups

Young businessman offers a workspace solution to budding entrepreneurs


Saudi Gazette

RECENTLY inaugurated, The Spot is a workspace that provides freelancers and entrepreneurs a creative and motivating environment to develop their business ideas.

“The idea of The Spot came to me out of my keenness to support startups and my concern for skilled youths who want to start their own businesses but are not capable of having their own office or work place,” said Abdulaziz Al-Abdullah, founder of The Spot.

“The main idea is to get people together and give them the chance to communicate, learn and expand through exchanging of ideas to reach their goals. It is giving entrepreneurs a fighting chance," said Al-Abdullah.

The Spot's unique design and layout help startups to get their work done properly. It also creates an atmosphere and opportunity to get to know others in the same field as well as in many diverse areas. It also gives them a sense of privacy if essential through dedicated private offices.

In addition, the "Spotters’ (startups who join The Spot) are given more chances by hosting various events and talks throughout the year, such as workshops, mindfulness classes and even inspirational talks from mentors and business gurus.

“At The Spot, Spotters are also enabled to hire out the event space to host their own occasions or conventions,” Al-Abdullah noted.

Spotters can benefit from in-house mentoring, high speed internet, 24-hour opening, free meeting room hours and access to the community of innovative individuals. They can make use of facilities that would help themselves grow.

Al-Abdullah is the head of digital media at King Saud Center for Research and Publications and he figured on Forbes’s ‘Future Leaders of the Kingdom’ list.

Al-Abdullah has a background in development studies and economics. He spent much of his early career working on macro-level government projects dealing primarily with investment promotion and infrastructure.

Al-Abdullah is founder and co-founder of some diverse businesses such as Sufrati, co-founder and CEO Nowayrah real estate, founder You Reek’a ideas and co-founder of Smart Washr. The Spot has plans to expand to more cities of the Kingdom.