Don’t use dangerous wild animals in entertainment shows




There has been an increase in incidents involving wild animals in entertainment shows attacking members of the audience. I do not believe in using wild animals in such shows because these animals are still wild even if they have been trained and raised in a peaceful environment. They can suddenly turn on their handlers or audience members as they are dangerous animals and it is their nature to kill.

Before the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) allows more of these shows to take place in the Kingdom, it is worth remembering the victims of these shows. The most recent attack happened in Jeddah and involved a lion attacking a child. The Deputy Governor of Makkah region ordered that the show be stopped, investigated and those responsible be punished.

Personally, I see no place for these animals except for zoos. However, if we want to include them in shows, we need to study and plan their training to ensure that they are handled and treated humanely and that the audience is safe during the show. The entertainment field is broad and there are other options that do not include wild animals. Considering the attacks that have taken place, perhaps it is time we explore safer entertainment programs.