Tips for remaining safe when shopping online


Saudi Gazette

For most people, shopping online means buying a limited edition dress, ordering special jewelry, or purchasing the latest online games. With online shopping increasing in popularity, it is crucial that steps are taken to avoid becoming a victim to cyber criminals.

Here are some tips in remaining safe when shopping online.

Buying from a reputable website is crucial, according to Fabio Assolini is a Senior Security Researcher for Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team. He says, “First, choose the store carefully. A lot of online stores are selling products, and some of these stores are well known, while others are not. The online small stores could be a problem when they have only good prices without reputation.”

He further says, “This is a problem that is happening worldwide. People are looking for best prices and they are putting their financial data in some unknown stores and the stores get hacked. People should look for stores with good reputation.”

Utilizing a secondary credit card, he said, is another way to remain safe when shopping online. People should not use their main credit card because if the website was to get hacked then their information would not be compromised. It would be better to use a secondary credit card with a limited amount of available funds.

“Choosing a unique password on the website that you are buying from would also help you. People who have several passwords and cannot memorize them can save them in Record Manager,” said Assolini, adding that people should also not save their data online by opting out each time.

Virtual credit cards provided by some banks could also help people remain safe online. “I think people should use them,” he advises. “I will tell you how it works. I have the application of my credit card and I want to buy online, so I generate a credit card with a different number and expiration date for one month, for example. I create this unique credit card that is connected to my credit card and I use it to buy online. So, if this virtual credit card got hacked it will not compromise my real credit card.”

If banks do not offer this option, they could still use Paintball because it works with the same idea of the virtual credit card.

1. Buy from a reputable website

2. Use a secondary credit card

3. Opt for a unique password on the website

4. Use a virtual credit card