Why don’t we just wait in line?


QUEUES may be exhausting to wait in if they are too long, but they are usually there for organizational purposes. We see them everywhere, such as in cinemas, theme parks, passport control in airports, etc.

What I don’t understand is why some people disregard queues. I see people jumping to the head of the line at a counter. I sometimes see that happening at hospital receptions and in shops.

Sure we want to be served fast, but shouldn’t we also think about the other people who are waiting in the line who also wish to be served as quickly as possible? Why don’t we put ourselves in their shoes? Wouldn’t we be annoyed if someone (a latecomer) skipped ahead of us and went straight to the counter? It does not seem fair to everyone, does it? That is if we want to talk about fairness.

People who cannot wait their turn can create a lack of order and complete chaos. Imagine seeing people piling up in front of a desk. You probably have seen it already. It does look ignorant to a huge extent, doesn’t it?

I wish that everyone reading this would think about it and start waiting their turn in queues and never try to push ahead of others in order to have an orderly, organized society that creates happiness for everyone.

Jawaher Zahran