Women driving: We aren’t prepared


Okaz newspaper

ONLY few weeks separate us from women driving in June but the concerned bodies, especially the traffic department, have not yet announced any strategies or plans for the historic step.

The concerned departments have not revealed their plans to accommodate the tens of thousands of cars which will enter the already crowded streets.

Government departments, offices and the commercial places where women work do not have sufficient parking areas for women drivers.

I thought when the royal decree allowing women to drive was issued months back and set June as a deadline for the execution of the historic decision, was aimed at giving the concerned authorities enough time to prepare for women taking the wheels.

They should have used this time to prepare the streets for the entry of thousands of cars but nothing has been done.

Public transport projects have added to the narrowness of the streets and have also increased congestion.

I am looking forward to the department of traffic, universities for girls, the hospitals and other offices where women work to announce their plans and strategies for the women driving which is approaching very soon.

These institutions should not leave things to take care of themselves. Organization of smooth traffic and the provision of enough car parks are all organizational matters which cannot happen haphazardly. Something must be done before women sit behind the wheels. These matters should not be left to the awareness of women drivers alone. We have to set the stage for our women to drive.