Wishing them good luck is not enough!


Okaz newspaper

I DO not know how would 300 daily wage employees in Hafr Al-Baten education department, who were sacked recently, receive the holy month of Ramadan and how they could celebrate Eid. How would they face their financial obligation, especially for those with families.

I do not think that the official spokesman of Hafr Al-Baten education department think that wishing those who were sacked good luck, would actually end their tragedy. It would have been better for the education department to give those who were sacked and worked for seven years, a grace period to search for another job instead of showing them the door them without any warning. They could have at least postponed the decision to terminate their contract until after Ramadan and Eid, instead of putting them in this difficult situation.

It will not be too much if we ask the education department to do its best to employ those who were loyal and hardworking in the past seven years. If not in the education ministry, then in another government department that is in need for their services.

It is not easy for 300 Saudi employees to find themselves all of the sudden joining the unemployment roster, at times when the government is working hard to provide jobs and reading about the number of the people who were employed. It is not easy for en employee who was getting ready to go to work, find himself all of the sudden unemployed. Wishing them good luck after sacking them is not enough and does not solve the problem.