CITC: Service providers ready to serve Ramadan pilgrims


Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) said the mobile service providers have finalized all preparations to provide high quality service to pilgrims during Ramadan.

This year the 4G networks capacity have been increased by 83 percent at the holy mosque in Makkah. The capacity of the 4G networks in the entire Makkah city has also been increased by 65 percent compared to last year. The 4G stations have also been increased at the holy mosque area by 50 percent and by 22 percent around the city.

In Madinah the 4G capacity has been increased this year by 45 percent in the holy mosque while the 4G stations have been increased by 47 percent in Madinah.

Some 1,700 wi-fi hotspots have been provided in Makkah and 1,300 in Madinah to serve the increasing demand on the communication services.

Meanwhile, the commission along with service providers have provided 2,600 specialized manpower and 350 sales points in the areas near the Holy Mosques both in Makkah and Madinah.

Adil Abuhaimed, the spokesman of the commission, noted that they are monitoring the communication and information technology services provided in the two holy cities and are doing field checkups to make sure the wireless networks and stations are working and no overlap is documented.

In addition, the commission, he said, evaluates the quality of the services provided especially in the two Holy Mosques areas and they take the necessary measures along with service providers to fix any issue. The commission also cooperated with government departments to best service pilgrims at any location they arrive at or stay in.