Ramadan this year will be without Saudi TV 2


Saudi Gazette

— Television serial Musalsalat, aired during Ramadan, has of late become one of the prime activities during evenings as operas gained popularity.

Saudi TV channels have carved a niche for themselves as a cross-section of society, whether Saudi citizens or expatriates, watch TV during Ramadan nights.

It is during the month of Ramadan that millions of Muslims and non-Muslims enjoy the melodramatic series that often feature historical or religious figures. Also interesting stories are being aired.

Musalsalat are now seen as a means to raise awareness on several sensitive social issues, and have turned into big-budget series.

The newly formed Saudi Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) is set to launch a wide range of new programs in Ramadan that suit the traditions and values of Saudi family and are at par with the ambit of Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

In fact, many expatriates enjoy the interesting and historical available information.

Saudi TV 2, as it is commonly known, is the only English channel of the Kingdom. It largely caters to the demand of English-speaking expatriates and was beaming live from the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah. It was helpful to the viewers during Ramadan evenings.

Saudi TV 2 was offering a wide range of interesting programs during the holy month as Ramadan Nights, Muslims in Ramadan and Ramadan Around the World beside several other programs.

Many of these programs provide good information on Ramadan and also general information, news and family entertainment.

However, this Ramadan, English-speaking expatriates would miss their only TV channel Saudi TV 2 as it is off-air for several months now. Minister of Culture of Information Dr. Awwad Bin Saleh Al-Awwad has suspended the transmission of English channel last December as part of plan to develop organs of the ministry to suit the Vision 2030.