The SEC blames everyone but itself



The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has negatively impacted many of its customers because of the poor quality of the services it offers. We have heard and read numerous stories of people who have been adversely affected by the SEC, which always provides flimsy nonsensical excuses and fails to compensate subscribers for the damage caused to them.

The residents of Jazan have been negatively influenced by the high cost of electricity, which has reached exorbitant levels compared to other regions. The other day, the SEC said in a press conference that most residents do not cut down on how much electricity they use. They criticized the way residents consume electricity. They also blamed the weather and the absence of insulators in buildings.

This, however, does not make sense. All residents in the region receive the same high bills, even those who have insulators. Why is it the case that the electricity bills in this region are SR900 while another person who lives in another region gets a bill for SR400 in spite of both consuming the same amount of electricity?

The SEC wants to justify high electricity bills but they forget to mention the real reasons of frequent outages. The SEC always finds a justification, blames citizens and never pays compensation for the damage it causes.