Five mobile applications for ramadan


Saudi Gazette

Millions of Muslims nowadays are depending on technology to complete their daily tasks and plenty of techies are utilizing Ramadan’s apps to help them in implementing the holy month obeys and spiritual habits.

For this Ramadan, Saudi Gazette is suggesting five smartphone apps to help you build good habits during this month.

1. Al-Muslim

This is a free application that tracks your daily actions during the holy month. It comes in English and Arabic. It provides you with a checklist of various obligatory and recommended deeds you can perform throughout the day.

Unfortunately, if you are a person that you need to be reminded for your day activities, this application may not be the suitable one to utilize since the app lack the option for setting reminders.

2. Ramadan Tracker

This application is a ready-made checklist of Ramadan’s habit that you can adopt. The user also can set designated points for actions and set a target of points to achieve per day.

3. Athan

This application will not only provide you with the prayer times, but also the Qibla compass, Islamic calendar, and you can read Quran in English and Arabic. By using application you can track and find the nearest mosque to you. The user can also Bookmark to save his or her favorite supplications and share them with others.

4. Digital Tasbeeh Counter

is an app designed like a real tasbeeh or subha counter that looks like a ring and will record your dhikr. Even when you close the Digital Tasbeeh Counter, the number of dhikr will not be erased.

5. iQuran

People who like to read Quran from their mobiles will benefits from this application since they will have a full text and audio of the Quran along with an English translation.