Daily diaries of an ordinary citizen


Al-Madina newspaper

NOTHING is free. You have to pay money for everything. An ordinary citizen with low-income continues to suffer on daily basis. His salary barely gets him by and helps him provide for his family. When his son graduates from a college, this citizen cannot feel happy because he knows that unemployment awaits him. This citizen feels constantly exhausted and tired because of daily life pressure. It is a painful thing.

This citizen cannot get by on his pension salary because the daily living costs have increased but his pension has not. He does not know how he is going to live up to his financial commitment with banks and repay the loan he has taken. He does not know if his pension is enough to cover prices of gasoline and other services such as parking fees, fines, electric bills etc. Nevertheless, this citizen has a tremendous love and unfettered loyalty for his homeland and for the leadership.

Although some citizens today face difficulty getting by in this life, they have to be patient and stand together with the leadership and the country and work harder for a brighter tomorrow. They have to remember that this country has given and still gives them a lot of things and have to realize that a brighter future is ahead of us. I hope all public agencies and senior officials will facilitate more services for citizens.

I have heard that the Saudi Electricity Company will impose fees related to insurance on electric meters. I think many citizens cannot afford that. Why should such fees be imposed?