Don’t let iftar meals go to waste



Sometimes, the Iftar meals that people donate to mosques go to waste and are left uneaten. These meals are intended for the poor and the needy, and distributing meals at mosques that are full of people who are not needy is not advisable. They should be given to charity foundations and organizations that are able to deliver them to the needy. In this way they will not be wasted. I have seen meals untouched at several mosques because people did not eat them. People wanting to give charity should focus on the needy.

A few years ago when I was driving my car in Ramadan to go to iftar with my parents, every time I stopped at a stoplight, several people approached me. They offered me free iftar meals because it was close to Maghrib prayer but I never accepted the food because I thought I did not deserve it. Most of the meals were given to drivers on the road instead of being given to needy people.

If we want to get the reward of giving iftar, we should work with charity foundations and let them distribute food to the needy and the poor. We could also distribute meals at places where needy people can be found.