Syrian Diaspora: Power and success!


MIGRATION for Syrians is not new. There are large numbers of them living in many countries across the world covering all continents for quite some time. They have been working in the fields of trade and industry with notable success. But during the last eight years following the outbreak of the Syrian revolution against the tyrannical regime of Bashar Assad, hundreds of thousands of Syrians who fled their country as immigrants or refugees to escape the death at the hands of the worst system known to mankind in the contemporary world were received by many countries.

What happened next was a significant change. Along with the stories of tragedies and humanitarian catastrophes that break one’s heart into tears, there are astonishing and inspiring success stories of the thousands of Syrians who have managed to transform their sorrow and despair into hope. They have overcome their challenges with serious hard work weaving wonderful stories of excellence in all fields — from industry to art, from cooking to literature, from trade to singing and all forms of profession

Today, Syrians have joined the ranks of the Egyptians, Sudanese, Jordanians, Germans, Swedes, Turks, Canadians, Greeks and other community, setting themselves as an example for honesty, quality, service and commitment without being “dependent” on the society. It is the weakness that generates power and the life that comes out of the jaws of death and the hope that comes after despair. There is a new generation of Syrian Diaspora, with values, meanings and goals in which self-reliance is the product of a harsh, bitter and difficult experience.

This generation is freed from the constraints of fear, panic, anxiety and treachery that occupied its mind under the terrifying rule of Assad. This generation, which is armed with science, information, knowledge, and experience, is no longer the same as the one who came out of Syria, who is in a state of extraordinary fear and horror. This generation has a number, size and spirit capable of bringing about change in Syria.

It is similar to what happened with the Chinese, Indians and Armenians Diaspora, all of which have been able to change their systems, laws and methods of life in their countries and expose the suspicious and wrong practices that were existent in the past. The large number Syrian immigrants have in many cases turned into an economic asset that cannot be underestimated. They have gradually become an effective “smooth” force (Jordan, Sudan, Egypt, and Turkey as models) and others.

The Syrian gene is strong and it is predetermined to survive and succeed against all kinds of odds, no matter how hard they are, so I place my bet on the Syrian Diaspora to be the most important means of change in their country.