Dream of 20 million Saudis


Al-Jazirah newspaper

NO need to fear about a country whose leader understands the needs, ambitions and challenges of its people. Naturally the people would show the same spirit and enthusiasm to achieve their dreams, objectives and vision with confidence and determination.

This is the distinction of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense, as a leader. He represents the country’s youth who account for more than 70 percent of the Saudi population. The crown prince has taken it as a challenge.

There is an unprecedented harmony between the Saudi leadership and its people and this is one of God’s greatest blessings. It also represents one of the Kingdom’s strong points.

From the very beginning, Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman has expressed his confidence in Saudi people, especially its youth. One of his famous quotes says: “With the determination of its people, Saudi Arabia will once again surprise the world.” He made this comment after the Council of Ministers endorsed the Kingdom's Vision 2030 in April 2016.

The new generation would memorize another historic statement made by the Crown Prince: “Our prime and peerless wealth is our ambitious people. The majority of them are youth. They are the nation’s pride and guarantor of its future, with God’s support.”

We are now celebrating the first anniversary of Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s accession as the crown prince. We are not alone to look at him with amazement. The whole world looks at this courageous and charismatic leader with awe and respect.

He is a leader who inspires his people and is inspired by them. He was able to reduce the time to future through his incessant and serious steps with the blessing and support of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman to bring about quick and impressive reforms.

Crown Prince Muhammad’s endeavors to take the Kingdom to new heights of progress have been applauded by the Saudi people through social networking sites as they commended his farsightedness and his understanding of the ground reality.

We know the international reputation gained by the Crown Prince within a short span and that will help him steer the Kingdom to attain its natural position in the comity of nations.

It was a year full of achievements despite the challenges, difficulties and global economic downturns when everybody witnessed the Crown Prince’s caliber to administer the country and deal with its domestic and foreign issues with amazing qualities and wisdom.

He has made the first solid and firm steps and history will definitely record the Crown Prince’s success being a popular leader in holding the hands of more than 20 million Saudis to jump together to glory. For the Crown Prince the sky is the limit.