Google Launches Offline Neural Machine translations


Google launched offline neural machine translations to make sentences more understandable and natural for the non-native speaker.

Google Translates neural machine translation (NMT) interprets whole sentences at a time rather than word for word. Now, it’s enabling an offline function by building on-device neural networks. This way, it happens on the device.

Having more relevant translation will make it more relevant like a human speaking with proper grammar. Because of an end-to-end learning system built on Google Neural Machine Translation, the system learns over time to create better, more natural translations.

Offline translations aim to help travelers use their phones anytime when they don’t have access to Internet or cellular data. Each language is around 35-45 MB.

Try NMT offline translations by following these steps:

l Go to Translate app on Android or iOS

l If you’ve used offline translations before, a banner on your home screen will take you to update your offline files.

l If not, go to your offline translation settings and tap the arrow next to the language name to download the package for that language. Now you’ll be ready to translate text whether you’re online or not.