Will Saudis ever work as street cleaners?


Riyadh newspaper

After a long day cleaning, Babu leans on a wall to relax. He takes out a letter from his pocket and reads it carefully. He then cries and the letter falls from his hand. Babu gets up and goes back to work. He carries on cleaning our streets. He is deeply angry at how we behave towards him. He is a man with emotions and feelings, and we remain indifferent to him. He is angry that we do not joke or laugh with him. We hardly speak to him except to say “come here” or “go there.”

Babu is in his 30s. He is a simple street cleaner with a long brush in his hand. His main job is to clean our streets and sidewalks. Every morning, Babu starts cleaning our roads that are littered with soda cans and rubbish. His main goal is noble, to collect enough money to marry the girl of his dreams. She promised him that she would not marry anyone except him regardless of how long he remains abroad working. Babu works day and night, racing against time to realize his dream of marrying and living with his wife. Years pass and he continues working hard to achieve his dream. Then, one day, he decides to return home after working for many long years.

Who will replace Babu? Who will now clean our streets and sidewalks? People will be silent because they have no answer. Some people will consider this question to be illogical. Many will be of the opinion that this job cannot be done by citizens of Saudi Arabia, although people in France, Italy and Switzerland clean their own streets.

Some people will criticize me and consider the notion of Saudis cleaning streets to be impossible. This question will only be answered through time but it will depend on the awareness and education of the next generation. The higher the awareness of people, the more likely that they will make a difference. Some people will look down at this proposal and consider it below them; they should know that nations only rise on the shoulders of their own people.