Ethiopian maid stabs 12-year-old girl to death


Saudi Gazette report

— An Ethiopian housemaid allegedly killed her employers’ daughter and injured their son in Riyadh on Tuesday.

The victims are identified as Nawal Qarni, 12, and her brother Ali, 14.

Nawal died of her wounds while Ali is currently being treated at King Khaled University hospital.

The uncle of the children said that the maid started work at the family house 10 days ago, coming from their grandmother’s house in another city, so she could go home from Riyadh airport as she has finished her employment contract.

The maid and the children were alone in the apartment when the incident happened, as the mother was at work. The maid at noon started acting weird talking to herself and crying, the kids didn’t understand and left her alone. Ali went to his room while his sister Nawal went and sat in the living room.

Ali told his family that after hearing his sister screaming he went to the living room to see the maid stabbing her. When Ali tried to stop her, the maid started stabbing him 14 times.

Ali could get away from the maid and ran to the bathroom and locked the door. He called his mother from his cellphone and told her what was happening before he fainted.

The mother of the children immediately informed the police and the Civil Defense of the incident. The door of the house was broken by the Civil Defense and found the girl dead. The injured child Ali was transferred to King Khaled University Hospital.

The housemaid, who locked herself in a room after committing the crime, has now been arrested.