Makkah Police arrest two people for setting a woman’s car on fire


MAKKAH – The governorate of Makkah Province announced that the region’s police have arrested two people for setting a car belonging to a woman on fire in Al-Jumoom Governorate on Monday, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported on Wednesday night.

According to the emirate’s statement, the investigation teams started their investigations and pursued various leads. They were able to zero in on the perpetrators involved in the incident after ascertaining certain facts.

The persons arrested were two residents of the governorate. It was confirmed that they were involved in the incident. One of them purchased a small quantity of petrol from a nearby gas station. He then contacted another person to help him in his act.

The emirate’s statement said the case was referred to the Public Prosecution in preparation for completing procedures and ascribing punishment for the two persons. – SPA