Souk Okaz initiative highlights role of Saudi rulers in promoting peace


Saudi Gazette

— “English Mastery,” an initiative to master the English language under the supervision of a group of Saudi academics and specialists in English language education, is participating in Souk Okaz this year to highlight the role of Saudi rulers in promoting Islam and peace.

The voluntary participation came through a video presentation in Arabic and English about the role of kings in fostering peace.

Speaking about their presence in Souk Okaz, the founder of the initiative and a candidate for PhD in USA, Abdul Mohsen Al-Sulaiman said: “The General Authority for Entertainment has opened the doors for Saudi students studying abroad to take part in this year’s edition of Souk Okaz and we immediately responded and here we are to highlight the vital role of Saudi kings in promoting Islam and supporting peace.”

He added: “Through this initiative, we aim to remind our youth of what our kings have done in the service of Islam, and their role in spreading peace.”

Kholoud Bin Siddiq, a master's student in Umm Al Qura University, who was present at the initiative stand in Souk Okaz along with Al-Sulaiman and the initiative's ambassador Rufaida Al-Hamad, said that the Initiative's Corner witnessed a high turnout from all segments of society and drew a good turnout of visitors from various local academic institutes and some guests from outside the Kingdom.

According to Al-Suliman, the Saudi electronic learning platform "English Mastery" to teach English began in January 2016 with the founding team of doctoral students and Masters Scholarships in America, Britain, Australia and the Kingdom. Its members are: Nadia Al-Shahrani, Mohammed Al-Yamani, Muhraa Al-Saeiri and Khuloud Bin Siddiq. It also has 35 Ambassadors of the Initiative from qualified Saudi students and academics with a global vision of decision-making participation in knowledge-based development and change.