Artificial Intelligence in Gear: Honor gives Sophia her first smartphone


Saudi Gazette report

the world’s leading smartphone e-brand under the Huawei Group, has given Sophia, the Saudi robot citizen, their latest flagship to delve in the world of Artificial intelligence (AI) together.

Sophia is an AI-powered, social robot, just as the Honor 10 uses artificial intelligence to see people and detect objects. Sophia can do slightly more than the phone, like understand conversation and form relationships.

Honor and Sophia celebrated their collaboration with a video of Sophia using the Honor 10 and lamenting the phone’s exceptional photography.

The brand believes the use of Artificial intelligence will fashion a creative and generative future where AI in cameras would change photography for future generations, millennials and zillennials.

The recently launched futuristic phone Honor 10 has a camera that incorporates AI. The phone’s camera takes a shot and uses machine learning to robotically photograph what it “thinks” is interesting. When snapping a photo, the camera responds to lighting, facial expressions, and other common traits of good photos.

By tapping the AI icon in the camera application, the feature switches on.

When AI is activated, the Honor 10 automatically adjusts the camera settings to best capture the subject in real-time based on data for over 500 scenarios across 22 categories. Honor 10’s AI mode can robotically pinpoint the outlines of various surrounding objects, like the sky, plants, people or even a waterfall, and identify their locations instantly.