My Car Safety!


Saudi Gazette

Does it make you excited that you still have plenty of summer time on hand before the school begins?

YES!! It is thrilling as you have a lots of people to meet, many places to visit, and variety of food to taste. It is the time of year, which you can spend without worrying about homework or waking up for school.

You feel like going to the mall, restaurant, visit your cousins and friends, or go to the beach. Every kind of traveling on road requires a car, and a driver could either be your personal driver, mom or dad. Whichever the case, it is necessary to stay safe in the car.

It doesn’t matter if the car is new or old, research shows that the front passenger seat is the most dangerous for kids. So where is the safest place for the kids to sit?

It is the back seat with a seatbelt. Research shows that wearing the seatbelt of the right size is the best way to stay safe and protected in the car. It will help avoid any kind of injuries.

For babies, there is a car capsule to keep them safe during a drive. It is a strong plastic shell, which is fixed in the back seat, and it doesn’t move about. Later on, you can have a booster seat, which makes sure that you have the right height for the seatbelt.

With all this, it is very important that you take care of yourself and your siblings in the car.

Always put your seatbelt on while the car is moving. You can still have a view of the window, so do not be afraid to miss out.

Help your brother and sister with the seatbelt.

If you think you cannot convince your siblings to wear a seatbelt, or they take it off; you should let the adult in the car know.

Never hold a baby in your lap especially when the car is moving. Do not even let any adult hold the baby as even they are not strong enough to hold onto a baby in case of an accident.

Never lay down in the backseat when the car is moving. It is not safe at all. If your pet is traveling with you in car, make sure it is safe and fastened in a pet safety harness.

Keep yourself and your feet away from the driver’s seat, and avoid making noises and asking questions regarding the distance or time. Stay Safe during summers and throughout the year.