Scandinavia: The secret of happiness!


There are people who are happy and there are people with a sad story of never-ending love. In the latest global poll rating the quality of life and happiness of the people in the world, Norwegians earned the title of the happiest people in the world. This was not a great surprise to anyone, as that title is likely to be traded back and forth among the people of Scandinavia: Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

These people have transformed their “happy culture” with its distinctive marks and features into a methodology for others to benefit from. The culture of happiness in Denmark is called “Hygge”. It is derived from the word “hug”, which means “bosom” in English. It is a culture that embraces the beautiful moments of life and the need to enjoy them to the maximum extent, such as enjoying a piece of chocolate, not reading work email at home, having dinner with friends, eating ice cream and other small things that fill our daily lives.

Sweden, too, has its own culture of happiness called “Lagom” meaning “not a little, not a lot, just the right amount.” Swedes consider it “the art of living for a balanced and calmer life without discomfort.” It basically means calming the rapid rhythm of life that comes with anxiety, pressure and tension and focusing on the present moment to bring the greatest amount of happiness and not worrying about what comes next.

Finland also has its own definition of happiness that relies on greater “communication” with nature, such as the belief that swimming in the cold winter, walking in the forest to breath the air and healthy eating will generate courage, self-confidence and determination to succeed in the most difficult circumstances.

Norway has another name for happiness “Koselig”, the nearest meaning of which is closeness, warmth and pleasure and the belief that you should do everything that makes you feel that way. Coffee shops in Norway, in the very cold winter months, light candles and offer warm drinks to visitors so that they can feel Koselig. One of Norway’s best-known commodities is the sweater, one of the warmest in the world with its rich wool and nice colors that put a smile on your face. These people are happy and live to enjoy every moment of life. It is a lie to say that they are miserable, depressed and suicidal. That is simply not true. They are peace-loving people (and the Nobel Peace Prize comes from them).

Sweden gave the world a pop music group whose songs are still heard today, and they gave the world IKEA with its simple, elegant and iconic furniture. Denmark has given the world LEGO cubes that provide generations of happiness, and Finland has given us the sauna for relaxation and the release of body toxins.

It is no wonder that the Scandinavian people are consistently chosen as the happiest people in the world. They are truly happy and keen to export a culture of happiness to others.