Woman driver crashes car into a shop in Al-Ahsa


Saudi Gazette report

— A female driver crashed her car into a shop on Al-Najah street in Al-Mubraz town in Al-Ahsa region registering the first traffic accident by a woman in the Eastern Province since June 24 when women were allowed to drive.

The woman said she pressed the brake and the accelerator at the same time.

She told investigators from the traffic police and Najm insurance company that she tried to stop the car but she lost control.

The car plunged 12 meters inside the shop terrifying workers in the shop which did not have any customer except an old woman shopper who escaped with minor injuries.

A salesman, however, suffered injuries in the arms and the head. He was rushed to King Fahd hospital in Al-Hofof.

Surveillance cameras installed inside the shop filmed the accident.

They female driver’s husband was with her on the passenger seat when the accident occurred but neither him nor his wife was hurt.