Stay calm


In this chaotic, fast moving world that we live in, we sometimes make quick, but irrational decisions that we might regret a few years later. Rash decisions can be avoided, of course, if we stay calm and take a moment to think things through. If we take the opinion from an elder family member or a close friend, we can save ourselves from later regrets that we have made the wrong move.

I know it is not easy. Sometimes we are forced to make a fast decision or else we will lose an opportunity that might not come again. Yet, what I have learned in life is that nothing will ever come to you unless you are 100 percent ready to handle it and use it to help you achieve your goals. Our capabilities increase when we gain experience and when we learn from making mistakes.

Carpenters say: “Measure twice, and cut once.” We all benefit by checking our information, testing our assumptions, pausing, and thinking twice about a decision before taking action. Try to study every case from different angles; think about your choices before you make them. Take your time; don’t rush. And don’t think of others and what they have accomplished during the same period as you. You are moving within your timeframe; there is nothing to stress or rush about.

Staying calm is a crucial part of making good decisions about your next move. Being flexible about trying different paths toward your goal will keep you open to the best possible solutions. Think of how water changes shape to fit whatever pot you pour it into. Yet if you put it under extreme pressure, it can be strong enough to break rocks.

If you ever start to feel lost in this process, take one or two steps back to see the full picture. Think big. Don’t limit yourself to one option or one opportunity; explore more. Try to find the right choice among the options that you investigate and explore. Identify the skills you need and practice them. Adapt the right mindset that will help you to deal with the fast moving world.

It may feel sometimes like the weight of a decision rests entirely on your own shoulders, but I really recommend that you take multiple opinions from your elder family members. Grasp what you can from their experience in life and employ it, because no matter how old or experienced you may be, they still will provide you with time-tested wisdom. Our elders have likely lived through very similar challenges, and can help you find a solution.

Whenever you start a new thing, just be patient. Take it step by step and don’t focus on the final result immediately as doing so can really drain your energy. Try to build a road map and divide your plan into mini-goals on the road so that you will have several opportunities and reasons to celebrate between now and your final goal. This is will help you to stay positive and consistently moving forward. And it will give you tangible reasons to be patient and encouraged to achieve more and more.

Anytime we try something new, we can feel confusion or a sense of chaos as we look at the clutter and disorder around us. Having a plan, or a road map, will help ease that feeling of confusion. That map, with its mini-milestones, reminds you of where you are going and helps to keep your mind clear.

We live in amazing times, with fast-moving changes bringing opportunities waiting to be grasped. But all of these changes can be overwhelming, and the best way to avoid feeling lost or negative is to remain focused on seeing positivity in everything. This will make you feel relaxed and calm, get you out of your chaos, and lead you to decisions that are well chosen and that help you reach your goals.

“No one else knows exactly what the future holds for you, no one else knows what obstacles you’ve overcome to be where you are, so don’t expect others to feel as passionate about your dreams as you do.”

― Germany Kent

Stay calm stay focused and do not lose sight of your goal.

Ahmed A. Albelale

The author can be contacted at: Follow him on Twitter @ahmedalbelale