When bankrupt leader of the Muslim Brotherhood speaks


Yusuf Al-Qaradawi has no achievement to be proud of though he has aged profusely. His path in politicizing the religion is replete with shamefulness and horrors. He would not hesitate to create crises. He ridiculed and laughed at the rank and file with his devious fatwas (religious edits).

This year’s Haj was an occasion to unravel more of Qaradawi’s contradictions. He considers himself the Godfather of the Muslim Brotherhood. The plots, machinations and lies of this terrorist organization he is leading have been forever uncovered.

The theorist and the mufti of terrorism launched a hateful and abhorrent tweet about the Qatari pilgrims claiming that Almighty Allah did not need their pilgrimage.

Is he being uncouth to Allah or is he just showing that he is a puppet to the regime of the Hamadain? Or is it senility that he is suffering?

His tweet about the pilgrims from Qatar is a living example of the bankruptcy of the regime of sabotage and terror.

Qaradawi had scandalized himself and his organization. He had revealed the extent of his ignorance and the falsehood of his ideas.

This is not surprising from a man like him. He had saturated the world with his false fatwas. He had called for Jihad against the Arab and Islamic regimes. He alleged that the suicide bombing was permissible under Islam. He had flagrantly supported Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorist organization, which was established and armed by Iran, which the Hamadain regime was referring to as Sharifa (honorable).

I had hoped so much that he would be consistent and be a man of principles. Every day he is adopting a different and a contradicting attitude. He would praise Muammar Gaddafi one day, and the very next day he would call for his liquidation.

He would one day praise the Syrian tyrant Bashar Al-Assad and would next day join the supporters of Jabhat Al-Nusra, emanating from the Muslim Brotherhood movement, which was working to topple Assad’s regime.

Instead of advising his Hamadain masters, the two losers, to stop politicizing the pilgrimage and to respect its sanctity as the fifth pillar of Islam, he supported their detestable behavior in a wicked style which was not commensurate with the man who claims to be the Murshid (guide) of an organization which was falsely claiming to be a beacon of peace and harmony.

There is no doubt that Qaradawi has a long history of lying and subverting the truth. Through his hateful tweet, he tried, before anyone else, to give a religious touch to the policies of the Doha regime which shut the door in the face of its citizens wishing to perform Haj.

He should have advised the regime to halt its attempts aimed at politicizing the Haj and to enable its citizens wishing to perform Haj to go to Makkah for the purpose.

Instead he was strongly calling for the closure of the Haj e-portal through which the Qatari citizens should have registered for the pilgrimage. He even started terrorizing the Qatari citizens, who wished to do the Haj.

There are people who are fond of foolishness. They want to turn the wheel back but when they fail in their effort, they turn into tongues of evil and become leaders of the campaigns of lies and fabrications.

The Kingdom has settled all the obstacles and provided all the facilities that would enable the Qatari pilgrims do their Haj in ease, peace and comfort. This was, however, met with stubbornness, denial and lying from the Hamadain regime.

The methods re used to make the Qatari people not so much desirous to do the Haj or to mitigate the public anger caused by preventing them from performing the pilgrimage will not succeed in covering up the huge crime which the regime has committed.

The leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood would go to the extreme to permit themselves to do things, which they consider Haram for others.

Qaradawi’s tweet was a clear indication of the deviation in his faith and thought. He distorted the religious texts to please his masters. His talk, at the end of the day, will not be more than sheer nonsense.

The figures, records and live pictures have proved the arrival of the Qatari pilgrims who were warmly welcomed and provided with excellent services.

Qaradawi said what he said because he was staying in Doha at the expense of the regime of the Hamadains whom he wanted to please.

It is no doubt that Qaradawi is the Sheikh of all the terrorists. He is the guide of the Muslim Brothers towards sabotage, conspiracies and destruction.

What he had said about the Haj only revealed the hate and vindictiveness he had in his heart against the Kingdom, which does not bother about him nor is it having any respect for him.

— The author is the editor-in-chief of Okaz. Follow him on Twitter: @JameelAlTheyabi