The success of Haj


Okaz Newspaper

Most pictures of Haj that were published in American newspapers issued on (Saturday) and the reports in the newspaper talked about the huge number of pilgrims received by Saudi Arabia in few days and in the limited geographic space.

International press in different continents praised the Saudi effort in organizing one of the biggest human gatherings on earth. Sadly, other Arab and Gulf media were waiting for a disaster to happen to publish negative reports on the status of the Two Holy Mosques under the Saudi rule.

Thank God their ill wishes did not come true and as expected, Saudi Arabia succeeded in carrying out its duties toward the Two Holy Mosques and guests of Allah. The pure intentions and commitment are the fuel that guided this work and achievement. That is why Allah blessed this country over the period of time and failed all the ill wishes directed at our country.

An American female friend of mine who is managing a specialized photo magazine from San Francisco, told me one day that she could not find pictures that can speak for itself other than Haj pictures. They are live pictures and full of emotions. What made the picture unique is how they authenticate this religious occasion that gathers people from different races and background and melts them into one heart.

Those who did not like the success of Haj are not different from our religion or race, but are from our religion. They are people driven by hatred and sick party movement and they have reached a stage where the could not hijack Haj from its people and are doing their best to direct attention away from it.

The Takbeer of pilgrims in Haj will continue to echo in the valleys of Makkah to be heard all over the world. The success of Haj will remain as a bitter taste in the throats of those that hate us and it will strangle their souls such that they will not be able to breath.