Imran Khan’s surreal victory


RECENTLY, the world witnessed an extraordinary event. Aug. 18 was more of a dream than reality. It was surreal! Many kept wondering if it actually happened. Others could not come to accept that it has happened. Everyone was in a state where reality seemed more like an illusion. He did it! When we almost gave up, he did not stop fighting. He won!

On Saturday, Aug. 18, Imran Khan, in his shadow black sherwani and hand-made Peshawari sandal took oath as the 22nd prime minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Guests, ambassadors, army chiefs, family, friends, his supporters and people from all around the world waited for him to arrive at the President’s House.

Oath was taken in pure Urdu language which even caused him to fumble. Despite his nervousness, he stood there smiling and repeating the oath with President Mamnoon Hussain. He was given Guard of Honor as all eyes were on him. From an extraordinary cricket player to a graceful prime minister, he indeed is a story of struggle and hope. He is our silver lining!

His journey was extensive and burdensome. However, we as supporters gave up in the midst. I remember how crazy my friends and I were for Imran Khan as we used to support him blindly. Say a word against him and we are never talking to you again. Later on with his sit-ins and election campaigns, we all stood behind him from far away of course. This is the curse of overseas Pakistani, you love and support them, but you just cannot practically do anything for them.

Nevertheless, Election 2013 happened and he did not win the majority with the blame on rigging and corruption. “It’s okay, next time” we all said, but Imran Khan had other plans. He protested in the capital city Islamabad for 126 days. He blamed the system and the politicians. He accused them of moral corruption and used punitive and harsh words to put up his case. He was non-stop causing everything else in the country to stop.

It changed our hearts, our minds and we had to double think about the person we were supporting. Is he capable of being the PM of Pakistan? Is he strong enough to handle the pressure of this country’s crisis? We got the answer ‘No’. He needed to think about his actions. We gave up on the person we called our last hope.

After 5 years, here we are! Imran Khan is now the prime minister of Pakistan despite the loss of followers, family and friends. We gave up on him, but he ascertained that vision and ideals cannot be defeated. His true supporters trusted him when he was being slandered and stood with a tarnished image. He proved that truth conquers all. He stood firmly on his words and promises I salute his immense strength, his nerve-wrecking struggle and his unbeatable will power, with which he was able to achieve his goals meant solely for “Naya Pakistan” (New Pakistan).

He is nothing like you and me who lose hope half way through the journey. He is not the kind of a person who thinks change is impossible. He doesn’t go where the path leads, but he makes his own way by leading. He is someone who knows no rest until his objectives are met. He is Imran Khan!

As Pakistanis from all around the world listened to his first national address as the prime minister of Pakistan, they know it is not going to be an easy road for him. He might want to do several things but might not achieve it in certain ways. They wish him luck and complete support, and I believe they are going to stand behind him after his continuous struggle, which lasted for 22 years.

We pray that people he trusts, neither betray him nor stab him in the back. He indeed has won the hearts of millions, and will continue to do so in the coming future by putting his words in action. Long-Live Pakistan!