Saudi Arabia and Haj!


AS usual, Saudi Arabia prepares to welcome pilgrims and manage the Haj season diligently, therefore it mobilizes all its human and financial resources for the success of the Haj season.

Every year, the same abnormal voices emerge, specifically from the abhorrent sectarian regime in Iran and its trumpets in Lebanon. This year, the coup regime in Qatar joined them in criticizing the Saudi efforts to organize the pilgrimage by politicizing the Haj, raising differences and stoking divergent opinions.

The great qualitative development in the quantity of services provided by Saudi Arabia in all sectors of the Haj does not require a certificate, for it is clear to everyone, and the projects announced annually confirm this in practical terms. The accumulated experience gained by Saudi Arabia over the years and the development of continuous solutions enabled it to provide pilgrimage services in a convenient way for pilgrims year after year.

Saudi Arabia, the only country in the Arab world with a Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, has mobilized its extraordinary potential to turn the fifth pillar of the Islamic religion into a soft journey. Therefore, when we see “objectionable voices” on the role of Saudi Arabia in the Haj, and know their reasons, then we should not be surprised and take it seriously.

The causes of the counter-campaign are political and sectarian reasons, and there is no objectivity or credibility. Suffice it to say that behind them are Iran and the coup regime in Qatar.

Saudi Arabia has employed good technology in its effective use to facilitate the rituals of pilgrims, such as lasers, scanners, drones, etc., as well as helicopters and advanced trains that have proven to be efficient and confortable in light of the testimony of those who have used them.

I too am an eyewitness to the phenomenal qualitative development that has taken place in the health and transportation services since the 1980s. I have been involved in some projects related to the two sectors, and I saw the great and complete qualitative shift.

The plans for the development of Haj and its rituals were prepared with openness to the fatwas, far from narrowing and hardening of the edicts, and openness to the proposals submitted by the Institute for Haj Research, in addition to the various suggestions of workers in most sectors.

Thus, the development and reform plans were built in the rituals of Haj. Therefore, when criticism and skepticism comes about what Saudi Arabia is doing by the sectarian regime in Iran, which since the day it has come to power has led to dozens of incidents that led to the death of dozens of pilgrims and security men over the years, then its criticism does not hold water.

One of Iran's most hated sectarian system is the system that does not provide the right of collective prayer to the doctrines contrary to it. How can it demand any opinion on the subject of interest to the Muslims that are hostile to them!? The regime of the coup in Qatar, the regime of the son who betrayed his father, a regime of betrayal to his brothers and neighbors and a regime that unleashed sedition, bloodshed and the planting of terrorism in the region, is the other regime questioning the Haj operation.

Is the regime entitled to say something in which the interest of Muslims is the source of sedition? The evidence is clear on the ground for every fair and honorable person to see that Saudi Arabia takes the task of securing pilgrims to perform their duties easily and with dignity with all seriousness and interest.

Perhaps the nicest comment on the skeptics about the role of Saudi Arabia in the Haj was when one of the satellite channels asked an expert in Arab affairs to comment on the speech of Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the organization of the militia of the terrorist Hezbollah which strongly attacked Saudi Arabia as usual, the expert said, in a comment on the words “THE THUG.”