PISJ-ES celebrates graduation ceremony of the Class-2018


Saudi Gazette

— Pakistan International School Jeddah-English Section (PISJ-ES) organized graduation ceremony for the class of 2018 at School's auditorium recently.

Shaiq Ahmed Bhutto, deputy consul general at Pakistan Consulate, was chief guest along with many other dignitaries.

The school was adorned with a blended thematic display of awe-inspiring bittersweet reminiscences of the outgoing class in the intricate fabric of sophistication and elegance.

The program set forth with a splendidly elegant appearance of the procession of the class of 2018, led by the entire faculty of A-Level, Senior School Deputy Head, Chief Guest and the Principal of the School, Adnan Nasir.

The formal commencement of the valediction ceremony began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an followed by the national anthems of both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Principal Nasir said, “Graduation may articulate the finale of your school chapter but in fact, it inaugurates a milestone which leads you to the new rendezvous of enlightenments, new horizons of learning and new vistas of explorations to become more refined and responsible citizens of your country and the world at large.”

Recollecting some educational ventures with the students, Nasir proclaimed, “the buzz of aspirations whilst club activities — TEDx Talk, English/ Urdu Drama, Newsletter, Environmental Awareness Campaign, Mural, Fence by the Creche society and Book fair; all these novelties reckon you as the unique batch of PISJ-ES which the history has marked, present is witnessing and future will cherish by deepening the inscriptions which you are leaving.”

He advised the students to keep the flame of their aspirations lit with hard work and perseverance and retain the desire for success as PISJ-ES legacy greater than their fear of failure.

Advising the students, he said, “Amidst all the prevailing treacheries, insolences, betrayals and injustices in the world, always be the transmitter of truth, honesty and best of character. Carry yourself in a fashion that your disposition flaunts the pride in reckoning you as the PISJ-ES alumni in a crowd. Keep connected with your first institution to strengthen the ties of achievement, recognitions and accomplishments through the alumni association which I aspire to visualize as a platform to gather our graduates, since its establishment in 1995.”

Chief Guest Bhutto said, “In the race of bridging gap from primitiveness to advancement, the world has revolutionized into a strange perspective which might have instigated social disorders, ethical misconceptions and moral ailments across the globe but within all this confusion, I advise you to stay steadfast towards your religious commitments and moral values and don’t let the clamour of misguided opinions drown your inner voice. You must establish the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

He added, “It is quite satisfying to behold that the youth of PISJ-ES aspires to re-scale the world’s dynamics on the inherent values of its creation.”

After distributing diplomas to all the graduates, the principal and the chief guest presented souvenirs of appreciation to the Cambridge Outstanding Learners Awardees.

Saim Omer secured Top in the world ranking in AS-Mathematics alongside acquiring the first place in Best Across 3A & AS level discipline. Aisha Siddiqui and Fahad Faheem received the award for Top in Region ranking in AS level — AICT.

In ‘Top in the Country’ category, Ahmed Salman acquired two awards in Economics and Accounting in addition with achieving the first place in the Western Province for Best across 4 AS and A Levels, category. Shafa Asher from Commerce discipline also acquired top ranking in best across 4 As and A levels in the Western Province of Jeddah.

Students with special awards were adorned with medals. Saifullah Khan, Radeyah Waseem and Ahmed Salman were declared the best students of the years in the Science and Commerce discipline respectively.

In their valedictorian speeches, they expressed with deep emotions how this prestigious institution has truly been manifesting its motto of ‘looking beyond the future’, ‘education par excellence’ and ‘pride of the nation’ by instilling in its students the passion for learning while staying connected with their moral, religious, ethical and national roots.

The teachers were paid a special tribute for their hard work and dedication in carving the excellence in our students and facilitating them to acquire laurels of success in the internal and external examination of Cambridge.

The students from AS level presented a unique interplay of emotional melodies, heart-touching poetry, unnoticed jingles of time and unheard symphonies of oblivion in a spectacular ‘Mime’ performance, edging with an enriched message to ‘Heal the World’.

They dedicated their masterpiece to all those who have been in distress due to injustices, tyrannies, afflictions or diseases in the pursuit of establishing the ‘global peace’ from the platform of their school. They resolved their pledge tochoose the path which may be less trodden by but which leads them to fix what has been broken in the world and heal what has been hurt through Knowledge and Education.

Nasir extended his heartfelt gratitude to all the guests for their presence to celebrate the students’ achievements and wishing them good luck for all their future endeavors. Moreover, he appreciated all the teachers, deputy heads, coordinators, administration and supporting staff for organizing such a prestigiously flawless event.

The principal honored the chief guest by presenting an exclusive PISJ-ES souvenir of gratitude. The program concluded with the cake cutting ceremony and group photos of the graduating class with the principal and the chief guest.