Fake PhDs


Okaz newspaper

MANY people joined an online campaign to expose those who received or bought their PhD degrees illegally. Many names were exposed in different fields, with high positions, running big operations, making big decisions and receiving a lot of job benefits, all from their fake documents.

There are many people with fake PhDs in key positions and controlling the fate of people who work under them. These fake certificates paved the way for these fake people to be in high positions, and to make matters worst, if they were the ones in a CEO positions.

Many people dedicated their time and efforts to expose these people on social media through active hashtags. Many participated in this campaign and all those participated have something say against it. This activity died out recently, as if we have accepted that these people with fake certificates are going stay in their place, especially after the file was transferred to the Shoura Council for discussion. Nothing happened after that leaving many of us with many questions and question marks, why?

These are questions that I do not have answer for. I am waiting to shed the light on these questions and lift the ambiguity about it.

If we accepted this situation of people staying in key position because of a PhD that they got illegally, then we will pave the way for whoever wants to hold that title paying the less price and be in key position to make decisions. A society that is aware will not allow such people to exist. Leaving it this way only means that we have accepted corruption.