PHVG completes Haj 1439H Operation Successfully


Saudi Gazette

With the completion of Azizia project on 12th Zilhaj in Azizia District, Makkah Al Mukarramah, Pakistan Haj Volunteers Group (PHVG) successfully accomplished its Haj operation 1439 Hijri.

Forty teams comprising 120 volunteers were deployed in Al-Azizia area to guide the pilgrims to their buildings, who were returning from Mina after performing the Haj rituals.

Cold drinking water was distributed by PHVG volunteers, who guided the pilgrims with the help of maps and PHVG Mina Locator and Haj Navigator mobile applications. Azizia operation continued till late night and on 13th Zilhaj few teams were also present in Azizia to help the remaining pilgrims coming from Mina on the last day of Haj.

PHVG started its registration campaign on June 8, which ended on Aug. 7. PHVG used print, electronic and social media to convey its message to register the volunteers. PHVG recruitment and training volunteers also visited several labor camps to recruit and register the volunteers.

During this period 3,134 volunteers were registered, who were provided with the training to serve pilgrims in a befitting manner. A total of 1,831 volunteers were registered from Jeddah Region, including Abha, Jazan, Madinah, Najran, Qaseem, Tabuk, Taif, Yanbu and Rabigh areas, 856 volunteers got themselves registered in Riyadh region, while 213 from Makkah and 234 volunteers were registered from Dammam region including Jubail and Al Khobar.

About 150 training sessions were held throughout the Kingdom in which the volunteers were trained with the help of maps, slides and audio-visual aids. They were also informed about the use of PHVG mobile applications, Mina Locator and Haj Navigator. After meaningful training sessions, the volunteers went through an online test and 1960 successful volunteers were selected to take part in Hajj operation 1439 H.

In phase 1 of Haj operation, 5 teams comprising 48 volunteers from Makkah team performed their duties in the surroundings of Haram e Makki to guide and assist the pilgrims to their buildings from July 30 to Aug. 17. About 32,000 pilgrims were provided guidance to their buildings in Makkah and Azizia areas. The second phase of this project is restarted on Aug. 26 and will continue till Sept. 25.

The Zuyoof Ur Rahman project was started on July 27 and it concluded on Aug. 18. Eight teams of 3 to 5 volunteers including a Mudarris conducted training sessions for the pilgrims in their buildings. A total of 143 training sessions were conducted in different Hujjaj buildings in Azizia and more than 45,000 pilgrims attended these training sessions.

From 9th Dhul Hijjah PHVG started its main Haj operation in Mina.122 teams comprising 15 volunteers each were deployed in Mina from 9th Dhul Hijjah to 12th Dhul Hijjah to serve the pilgrims. The Mina area was divided into 50 sectors, which were supervised and monitored by50 Area in-charge. About 80 senior volunteers of management and support staff worked day and night to make this operation successful.

About 410,000 pilgrims of different nationalities were provided guidance in Mina to their tents, Jamarat, train stations, clinics and hospitals, 2100 pilgrims were provided wheel chair assistance in Mina, 200 injured and sick pilgrims were taken to different clinics and hospitals, 200 wheel chairs were distributed among needy pilgrims.

On the night of 11th Dhul Hijjah 45 injured and sick patients were taken to Haram for the performance of Tawaf e Ziyarah in collaboration with the Mustafavi volunteers group of Pakistan, 4 buses and 2 ambulances were used to transport these sick pilgrims, 100 volunteers used wheel chairs for the completion of Tawaf e Ziyarah project.

To complete the Hajjoperation successfully, on 12th Dhul Hijjah 40 teams of120 volunteers were deployed in Al-Azizia area of Makkah to guide the pilgrims to their buildings.

PHVG established a call center and a command and control room to assist the volunteers as well as the pilgrims. About 1,140 calls were received and answered by the call center enabling PHVG volunteers to assist Hujjaj in Mina and other areas.

PHVG has been serving the Guests of Allah since 2011 with the cooperation and assistance of Pakistan Haj Mission. Since 2017 Saudi organization Jamiat e Marakiz ul Ahya is extending its full cooperation, assistance and supervision to PHVG, to carry out its Haj operation smoothly and successfully.

PHVG management has thanked Almighty Allah, Pakistan Haj Mission, Pakistan Consulate, Jeddah, Pakistani community and all its devoted volunteers for their support and efforts for the successful completion of Hajj operation 1439 Hijri.