Confusing start for school year


Okaz newspaper

SCHOOL year started Sunday last week and as usual, our schools were not ready for the academic year. One of the most beautiful headlines I read in Okaz newspapers was ‘A surprising school day’.

I spent 26 years in the field of education and I collected enough experience that is related to both the technical and field education life.

When I read in the newspaper that the first day of school was confusing and witnessed many problems, I was not surprised. During my 26 years professional life in the education sector, the first day always witnessed problems. If the first day was confusing, then so are the remaining of the days.

If the newspaper and other media means wanted to alert officials about this confusing start, I will tell them that any news about the problems of the start of the new school will not motivate any educational official to do anything, simply because they are used to it.

When we read that there are many problems in our schools when it comes to maintenance, student transportation, shortage of books, or the school building was not in proper shape to receive students, then the usual answer to this criticism is always ‘there is nothing more we can do.’ For decades the answer has always been the same.

The aging education management in an already huge department that is part of a ministry that is carrying too much will not notice any problems. I think it is important that the ministry will have change in administrative structure by distributing limited responsibilities to each department. So if there is any shortcomings, the punishment on that department will be severe. The current structure needs serious review.