Saudization in 4 retail sectors: Inspections begin today


Saudi Gazette report

— From today (Tuesday) about 800 male and female inspectors from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development will begin supervising the nationalization of four out of 12 jobs in retail and wholesale shops.

The four trading activities to be 70% Saudized include car and motorbike showrooms, shops selling ready-made garments for men and children, home and office furniture shops and shops selling kitchenware.

A ministry source said preparations for the nationalization of jobs in these shops have been completed with the inspectors thoroughly trained on how to check violations.

In case of violations, shops will be penalized under the Saudi labor laws.

The ministry has prepared a guidebook for inspectors on the nationalization of 12 activities in retail and wholesale shops.

According to the source, if a shop has one worker, he should be Saudi. If it has two workers, then one of them should be Saudi.

If a shop has four workers, two of them should be Saudi nationals. If it has 10 workers, then seven of them should be citizens.

If a shop has 30 employees, 21 of them should be Saudis. If it has 100 workers, 70 of them should be nationals.

According to the source, the nationalization of the entire 12 activities will be completed by January 2019.