Why are the female drivers waiting?


Okaz newspaper

I RESPECT the work done by Director General of Traffic Gen. Mohammed Albasami but I just can’t see why there is so much delay in women trying to get their drivers license. Is this because the driving schools are so crowded? We had a 10-month notice to anticipate this crowding and open enough number of driving schools for women.

I would have preferred if appointments were given according to the need: Hence priority to teachers or employees, then students and housewives without drivers.

All women can’t wait for new driving schools to be built to get behind the wheel. Moreover, the required training hours are way too long.

In the United States, my wife didn't to go to any school to get her driver training certificate. The instructor came to her 2 hours a day for 3 days a week until she became eligible to get her driver's license.

Therefore, I think there are many solutions for the situation arising from a lack of sufficient number of driving schools. But maybe this design was deliberately created so the authorities can prepare the roads for female drivers and not the other way around.