28 Instagram accounts closed down for marketing fake goods


Saudi Gazette report

— Since the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Commerce and Investment has closed down 28 Instagram accounts found to be marketing fake goods, in addition to a website and application run by an overseas company, an Arabic daily reported.

Abdulrahman Al-Hussain, spokesman for the ministry, said the marketed products included perfumes, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, watches, purses, gifts and a wide variety of other products.

The ministry has launched the “Maroof” website (www.maroof.sa) to help consumers evaluate electronic stores in the Kingdom and guarantee the data confidentiality of its users. The free-of-cost e-service will enhance trust between the buyer and the seller and enable the seller to have easy access in the community, in addition to giving a clear image of the quality of the e-Store services through the customers` comments and evaluation.

It enables the buyer to write his reviews and evaluate the whole purchasing experience, besides getting an idea and having a look at other consumer reviews. Around 20,000 e-stores are registered in Maroof.

The ministry issues license to any business that wishes to run an e-commerce and sell and market products. The ministry has drafted an e-commerce law, which is being reviewed by pertinent authorities.

The law will protect e-commerce transactions and prevent all forms of fraud. It contains articles to ensure protection of personal information and responsibilities of an e-commerce business.

The ministry attaches great significance to creating a conducive and attractive environment for investment in the e-commerce sector, which is considered an important economic resource.

The ministry called upon all businesses and the public to comply with the laws and not put up any promotion materials that are misleading. It urged the public to deal only with trustworthy stores that are registered with Maroof.