Ensure the safety of children on school buses



As usual, the Ministry of Education has sent out more instructions on paper after the painful incident where a school bus driver forgot the child Abdulaziz Mostafa, who was locked inside a bus and died of suffocation, in Al-Hofuf in the Eastern Province. This was exactly the same as the incident where Nawaf Al-Sulami, a young Jeddah student, died after he was left inside a bus.

With each painful incident where an innocent life is lost, large quantities of paper and ink are wasted typing and printing the same memos for the same accidents. In the same way, investigation committees are formed after each accident. The reason for tragic incidents is clearly the negligence of those responsible for the safety of male and female students on school buses.

Dear Minister of Education, we do not need more memos or investigation committees. What we desperately need is serious preventive measures to be taken. What we should do is hire Saudi men and women as chaperons to accompany school bus drivers to ensure the safety of children, and this should also be implemented in the private sector.

We are in the era of Saudization, the era of employing Saudi male and female youth, the era of continuous development, firmness and determination. Memos and investigation committees are useless. Before Mustafa there was Nawaf, and before that there was the child from Tihamah and we cannot forget the girl who was dragged by her abaya because the door of the school bus closed too soon. All of this is proof that memos and investigation committees cannot help us.

Dear Minister, you need to review the files of the accidents where children died on school buses and take preventive measures. Do not rely on memos and investigation committees.