Our proud citizens



THIS is not the first time and will not be the last when Saudi Arabia is targeted by outside forces that are using their political, intelligence and media influences to tear the strong fabric of the country.

The Kingdom is the last hope and has the biggest development goals in this part of the Middle East. Our country has the capacity to grow more and more strong to become one of the biggest civilized nations in a world that knows only the language of force and interests.

Saudi Arabia has overcome many challenges with its huge capabilities and the wisdom of its leaders, which was visible at the most difficult of times. The huge success achieved would have not been true if it was not for the great people of this country — the people who stood against conspiracies.

The Saudi people are always united behind their government in protecting the peace and security of this country. They have done it before and they are doing it now, standing against this aggressive and vicious media campaign that is targeting Saudi Arabia and its leadership.

This great loyalty by the Saudi people in defending their country and the leadership was instant when the campaign against it started. They took the initiative by themselves without asked or paid by anyone to do it. This high level of patriotism impressed the entire world.

I am proud of my people and I wish I could kiss the head of each and every Saudi man and kiss the head of all the honest people in the Arab world who stood by Saudi Arabia during this crisis.

I am sure we are blessed with a wise leadership that mobilized all efforts to ensure the happiness for the people. The government knows for a fact that when push comes to shove, the Saudi people will rise to the occasion and stand by it against the forces of darkness and betrayal.

The attack Saudi Arabia is currently witnessing is going to be the vaccine that will help Saudi Arabia accelerate toward its big development projects and the goals of its Vision 2030, which provoked all forces in the East and West because they realized that Saudi Arabia, despite all the adverse conditions in the region, is heading in the right direction. The forces of evil are trying to put obstacles in front of Saudi Arabia and distract it from its main goal.