Baloot championship for female players planned

Baloot is a popular card game in Saudi Arabia. More than 85,000 people applied to take part in the maiden Baloot championship in the Kingdom in April.



Prince Faisal Bin Bandar Bin Sultan, president of the Saudi Arabian Federation of Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS), has announced a plan to launch a Baloot championship for women in the Kingdom.

Several Saudi women who spoke to Saudi Gazette expressed their excitement over the announcement and many of them said they were planning to apply to participate in the competition.

Baloot, a card game presumably originated in France, is popular in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. The game is played with four players divided into two teams.

Recently, Baloot championships were held in the Kingdom for men and many Saudis got involved. Over 85,000 people had registered their names in the maiden championship that took place in April this year but only 12,288 of them were selected to play at 384 tables.

Baloot became trendy among Saudi women who play it at home, so the announcement by the prince has thrilled many of them.

Reham Khalid, a Saudi female in her 30s, said, “I am very excited that they gave women a chance to be part of the Baloot championship.

If it will take place in Jeddah I will definitely apply because I have been playing Baloot with my close friend for more than two years now.”

Salma Ahmed, who is in her 20s, explained that she learned Baloot after uploading the game in her mobile phone and after that she practiced the game with her friends. She said she was eager to take part in this competition.

Hiba, a Saudi mother in her 30s, said she was not interested in card games in general and she believed Baloot was not a suitable game for females.

“Although I do not like playing this game, it could be a suitable opportunity for women who are into Baloot and other females who enjoy playing boards and card games,” she however added.