Dengue outbreak fears return after rainfall

Swamps created by the rainwater all over the city has raised fears of another dengue outbreak in Jeddah.

Saudi Gazette report

The residents of Jeddah fear the return of dengue fever after the rains witnessed by the city in the past few days. The swamps created by rainwater are posing a health hazard to residents because the water is mixed with sewage overflowing from underground septic tanks.

The residents also fear that these swamps will provide an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes that spread the dengue fever virus. They called on the Jeddah municipality to quickly drain the streets of rainwater.

Pools of rainwater in the streets have affected the businessmen as well. They complained that people are not visiting the market because the streets are filled with water.

A storeowner in downtown Jeddah said the street in front of his store remains flooded for days. Consumers are not visiting the market because they cannot drive in the streets or walk on the sidewalks.

Residents of Al-Safa district, off Prince Majed Street, called on the municipality to quickly drain the streets before they become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which will lead to a dengue outbreak.

Residents of Al-Kandara district said the poor infrastructure and the absence of a reliable drainage system posed a serious threat to their health, especially children. They said schools in the neighborhood are surrounded by swamps and they fear if the municipality did not act quickly, the dengue epidemic will return.