The trust of Salah... nightmare of ‘Hamadain’


The “Hamadain” regime, which is enduring a Saudi nightmare, is dreaming day and night about “wiping out” the Kingdom. This is not a figment of the imagination but shows the actual plight of the “ungrateful” Hamad Bin Khalifa and his failed coterie as was evident from his admission in an audio leaked from his telephone conversation with Muammar Gaddafi of Libya several years ago. The following is the partial transcription of the leaked telephone conversation: “After 12 years, there won’t be a Saudi Arabia.” Several years have passed and Hamad is in a dying state with depression, spending his lean years in distress!

Most observers within the Kingdom and abroad would agree that Saudi Arabia has been the victim of an ongoing smear campaign aimed at discrediting it and harming its leadership and people. This “unprecedented” campaign is for the sake of a group using the same phrases and identical titles to tarnish the Kingdom as if they were all issued from the same newsroom.

As far as Saudis are concerned, it is not a hidden matter for them that there are those who target their country as well as those who are behind this “paid” campaign and those financing it, with a variety of goals and objectives.

These people forget that they are colliding with Saudi Arabia, which is solid as a rock and cannot be budged. A strong nation characterized by young leaders, personnel, economy, holy sites and rich resources. A nation which enjoys free options and policies, drawing a future road map for its people, relying on its younger generation, who are vigilant in defending their nation despite the gravity of the challenges and multiplicity of smear campaigns.

After 35 days since the outbreak of the crisis over the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the media campaign had withered and the excitement of some has gone. The most significant thing is that all observers who diligently analyze the various incidents either in the East or in the West realize that most of them are coordinated by Qatar and the outfits funded by it, who own satellite channels based in Turkey and London.

And this reemphasizes the soundness of the decision to boycott Qatar, whether it returns as a good neighbor or remains isolated as an outcast forever. Doha has spent and continues to spend millions of dollars for mercenaries to ensure wide newspaper and television coverage to tarnish the image of Saudi Arabia and trigger incitement against it. This coincides with the funding of leftist organizations and the hiring of their media outlets, especially Al-Jazeera channel and other media outlets affiliated to it that are based in London. All of this is being done in the belief that it will undermine Saudi Arabia and have a negative impact on its international relations by means of fabricating lies and making false claims attributed to unknown sources.

There is no doubt that those agencies that are unleashing this smear campaign saw in the case of Khashoggi a trump card that could be used to strike Saudi Arabia and damage its reputation at the global level. The most significant beneficiaries of this are clearly Turkey and Iran.

The most befitting reply to these forces came in the form of a slap by Salah Khashoggi and his brother Abdullah to those who are generating this crisis in the name of the blood of their father. They delivered this big slap during their interview with CNN. The two siblings foiled the designs of the cheap media and torpedoed its attempts at over-politicization, by pronouncing their trust in their country as well as in the promise of the King to hold accountable those who were involved in the crime. While announcing that he would return to his nation and workplace in the near future, Salah rejected the politicization of the issue of his father’s death.

The state of “Hamadain” is prepared to spend generously and profusely on terrorists and outcast groups. It finances Al-Jazeera with all its media outlets as long as their advisers emphasize that it will continue to help in achieving their goal of establishing a “Larger Peninsula” sooner or later.

The issue of Khashoggi’s death is a condemnable and vicious act by all means, but it is not something more than a terrible crime. This was obvious from the official statement issued by the Kingdom. It did not deny the crime, as some might have, but emphasized strongly that investigations are progressing under the supervision of the Public Prosecution, which is an independent body. The criminals will be punished after justice takes its course and the results of the investigation will be made public to the entire world.

It is certain that the Turkish serial will come to an end however much its directors attempt to prolong its “toxic” episodes and scenarios. But, the Khashoggi issue will not be the last attempt by those who wish to tarnish the Kingdom’s image. However, it is not going to affect the Kingdom, which after the crisis will be just as it was before the crisis. People who hold noble positions will not be compared to those who follow mean policies, as the Kingdom is a country that is capable of renewing the engineering of its relations.

The Kingdom should not be held hostage to any agendas nor should it be a victim of targeting or political blackmailing. It will work with those who are wise and mature, but it does not have time to waste with minors. At the same time, it will work to develop its human potential and institutions in a way that keeps pace with the country’s present and future objectives.

The outcome: Those who understand politics well will realize the position of world powers – the United States and Russia – toward Riyadh and their relations with it as well as their efforts to safeguard those relations. No doubt, the evil forces that are currently shouting and lamenting will come to regret it. The caravan will march so let the dogs bark!

The author is a Saudi writer. Follow him on Twitter: @JameelAlTheyabi